A cage match between tech billionaires? Musk issues a challenge, and Zuckerberg accepts it.

The two tech billionaires appeared to have agreed to a “cage match” face-off in a back-and-forth that has since gone viral on Twitter and Instagram this week.

It all started when Twitter owner Musk replied to a tweet about a report that Meta was getting ready to launch a new Twitter competitor called “Threads.” He poked fun at the idea that the world would become “exclusively under Zuck’s thumb with no other options,” but then a Twitter user made fun of Musk by saying that he should be aware of Zuckerberg’s jiu jitsu training.

Late on Tuesday, Musk wrote, “If he is lol, I’m up for a cage match.”

Soon after, Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, responded, and it appeared that he agreed with Musk’s proposal.

Zuckerberg wrote, “Send me location” in an Instagram story on Wednesday night. The story showed a screenshot of Musk’s tweet and a response from another user urging Musk to “start training.”

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