The dunnhumby-powered Tesco Media and Insight Platform has launched an offsite media partnership with Pinterest

The dunnhumby-powered Tesco Media and Insight Platform has launched an offsite media partnership with Pinterest

The world’s largest visual discovery engine. This partnership will be known as Tesco Media and Insight Platform vs. Pinterest.

Using Tesco Clubcard data and dunnhumby’s analytical expertise, this partnership will enable the leading CPG brands in the UK to connect with Pinterest-loving Tesco customers to deliver highly relevant and personalized advertisements.

The power of Pinterest The United Kingdom is one of the largest communities on Pinterest, with 17 million monthly active users, including 31% of millennials and one in three mothers. When compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest ads typically earn a 2x higher return on ad spend and a 2.3x lower cost per conversion due to their unique combination of a large and receptive audience. Brands will also be able to target the right customer at the right time while they browse if they make use of the power of Tesco Clubcard data.

According to research, people who use Pinterest are always looking for new ideas and inspiration from brands, both well-known and obscure. Pinners are 66% more likely to try out new brands and stick with them. Brand content blends seamlessly with native content on Pinterest because of the app’s and website’s distinctive layout. As a result, brand content does not interrupt but rather inspires.

Tesco Media’s Stacy Gratz, MD, stated, ” We are ecstatic to announce the launch of yet another innovative partnership, this time with Pinterest. This partnership will provide CPG brands with more opportunities to reach customers at the crucial decision-making stage. Brand marketing teams can reach a large number of customers, whether they’re looking for new recipe ideas or baking trends, thanks to the successful combination of Pinterest’s audience and Tesco’s Clubcard data.

Pinterest UK’s sales director, Tim Woollias, stated: Every month, millions of people visit Pinterest to plan and shop for all of life’s upcoming events. People use Pinterest to look for everything from recipes for family barbecues and fancy dinner parties to weekday lunch ideas. Ads actually enhance rather than diminish the user experience because they want to hear from brands. With this new partnership, thousands of brands will be able to connect with Tesco customers who are looking for ideas and products on Pinterest and provide them with those very things.

Closing the loop The partnership between Pinterest and Tesco Media and Insight Platform allows brands to use a variety of five ad formats, including static, video, carousel, and collections, all of which blend seamlessly into the user’s home feed. Additionally, the unique sales conversion report attributes sales to users who saw the ads.

Tesco Media and Insight Platform makes use of the industry-leading Sphere platform from Dunnhumby. This platform lets brands and agencies book premium placements directly and understand real-time campaign performance with closed loop measurement at the touch of a button. The platform offers a wide range of opportunities, including offline, online, and a variety of in-store and digital options, in addition to this new partnership with Pinterest.

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